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This job was one of my favorites! The tile chosen here was a 3" by 12" Rustic matte subway tile. Pairing with that, we added a similar light color flat pebble flooring. We work closely with designers to make your dream bathroom come to life.  We love to make our Niches the focal point in our showers. Full tile to full tile and nice 45 degree corners. "It is all about the details!"

What you see also in the photos above is an amazing photo of 3 horses made out of a ceramic tile. These where easily chosen and delivered in exact size we asked for. Those there are a 6" by 6" put together making a 12" by 18" mural. Ask us how you can get a Mural in your backsplash of any kind. 

Custom showers - We think we know everything there is to know about a shower. From beginning to the end of all shower builds, everything is planned out and executed to the highest of abilities. 

The photos above show 3 steps in a shower project. First day drywall, then mud floating the shower and wainscot. And the final after grout. 

This project I call "the day spa". From walking into the room the first day the customer had a great vision for what she wanted. We have not taken updated photos but they will be coming soon. 

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